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A rocket ship read through the creation, fall and flood

It’s amazing how much ground you cover when you read the first few chapters of the Bible.

The first chapter of Genesis, which is only 31 verses long, takes you through all six days of creation. The second chapter goes back and gives more detail of what God performed in those six days, and then by the first verse of Chapter Three, we meet “the serpent”. By the end of that third chapter, mankind has already fallen and been driven from the Garden of Eden. That’s some action-packed reading. Continue reading

Read the Bible in 2020

Dads, one of the greatest things you can do for your family is to read, study and meditate on God’s Word, the Bible. If you’ve never read the Bible before, try reading the Book of John, which is in the New Testament. If you are more familiar with the Bible, try reading the whole Bible.

You may want to consider reading the whole Bible in one year! If that sounds daunting, you should look over a one-year Bible reading plan to see how it can be done in bite-sized pieces. It takes 20 to 30 minutes a day to read through the whole Bible in a year.

Click here to read the Book of John on the Bible Gateway website.

Click here to see a one-year Bible reading plan.

Being a good father

Recently, my family and I were discussing what makes a “good father”. A point I was keen to make is that a good father will have a right relationship with the mother of his children: my wife.

As I noted that the spousal relationship was the top relationship, and that the parental relationship came second, my wife said, “No, you’re getting it wrong.” Continue reading


A local newspaper arrived one early-December day full of sales flyers and a miniature toy catalog, and our then-five-year-old son went crazy looking at all the toys, many of which he never knew existed.

“Daddy, I need this one for Christmas,” he said. “And this one. And this one.”

And before I knew it, he needed pretty much every toy on the page. The next page was full of girls’ toys, so he didn’t need any of those, but then there were other pages. Continue reading