Monthly Archives: March 2019

The 2019 Sienna lowers its eyebrows, raises the bar on safety and reliability

2019 Toyota Sienna XLE

When I wrote last year about the 2018 Toyota Sienna minivan, I said something about how the front looked like a lizard, because the hood rose to sharp brows over the headlights. I like lizards, and I like minivans, but…

I was pleasantly surprised this mid-March when the 2019 model was delivered for my week-long review and those eyebrows were lowered a bit. Or at least they seem to be. I didn’t measure them, though now with neither Sienna in my driveway, I wish I had. It’s a detail you won’t find in any product brochure. Continue reading

Being a good father

Recently, my family and I were discussing what makes a “good father”. A point I was keen to make is that a good father will have a right relationship with the mother of his children: my wife.

As I noted that the spousal relationship was the top relationship, and that the parental relationship came second, my wife said, “No, you’re getting it wrong.” Continue reading


A local newspaper arrived one early-December day full of sales flyers and a miniature toy catalog, and our then-five-year-old son went crazy looking at all the toys, many of which he never knew existed.

“Daddy, I need this one for Christmas,” he said. “And this one. And this one.”

And before I knew it, he needed pretty much every toy on the page. The next page was full of girls’ toys, so he didn’t need any of those, but then there were other pages. Continue reading